October 2012

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October 2012
The prompts were:
1. If I had my way
2. The silence was deafening
3. It was the last thing I expected to find in a pumpkin patch

Begin writing
The silence was deafening. I could see people moving, moving fast.  There was a sense of urgency apparent in everything they were doing.  I could see them speaking to each other. I could see them rolling carts and moving equipment around.  I could see a cop at the edge of the crowd talking into a walkie-talkie.  Logically, I knew they were making noises, too many people doing too many things not to to be.  My head was a little foggy and thick when I moved it.  It felt a bit like a water balloon about 3/4 full of water.  I would stop moving but the inertia would try to carry the liquid forward.  The immovable wall, the balloon, or in my case – my skull would stop it; but then it would roll back.  The effect was similar to that of waves against a cliff.  I couldn’t hear that either.  I held my head still and watched what was going on in front of me.  That’s when I noticed something was wrong with my peripheral vision.  The edges of my field of vision were broken and disjointed. Like a mosaic.  Like a mosaic done by an artist who had a short attention span.  ADD.  Grey at the extremes.
Why couldn’t I hear them?
There was, oddly, no panic in my mind.  Curiosity was the primary motivator here.  I was calmly taking in what I could see and feel.  Where was the sound? – I don’t ever remember such quiet.
I realized I was sitting, not standing.  When did that happen?  My back was resting against something but the way my head felt I determined that it was unimportant what I was leaning against.  I did not want to turn my head to check.  Avoid those oscillations at all costs.
Turning my attention to the people working around me, I tried to ascertain what was up.  They obviously had a singular purpose.  They were all quite intent on what they were doing.  What exactly were the doing?
Two people with a stainless steel rolling cart passed in front of me.  A tall slender woman and a dark haired man.  They passed, stopped, appeared to study me, spoke briefly to one another and then moved on.  They broke into pieces and scattered as they moved into my periphery.  Then, I realized they had been dressed alike.  Must have been uniforms.  I should have spoken to them.  I should have asked them for an explanation.  Shit.
Time is up. Put down your writing implements and step away from the paper.

Still October 2012
The prompts were:
1. Huge, zombie, alien planet rises from the dead
2. Whale tried to speak in human voice
3. Nazi Buddah from space might be fake

Begin writing
I wheeled my car into the lot and looked for a space to park.  There, at the back of the lot! Damn, a motorcycle, not my day.  Giving up, I pulled back into traffic and headed for the multi-story 3 and a half blocks away.  I did find a spot there on the 4th floor.  Walking to the building I glanced up at the sun.  At least the rain had quit, I headed on.  I did see the approaching bus, I did not see the large puddle at the curb.  The tsunami created by the collision between the bus and the puddle washed over me in an instant.  It’s gonna be one of those days.  No time for a cup of coffee, the traffic on the motorway and the shortage of parking ensured that I was 15 minutes late to the staff meeting.
“Apologies all, sorry I am late” I muttered as I made my way to a seat at the conference table.  Mr. Ward had ceased speaking the moment I opened the door, remained silent and staring while I picked my way to the only chair.  Paused a bit longer and watched me sit down, looking like a drowned rat.  “Nice of you to join us,” he said, “now where were we?”  Amy, the brown nose spoke up with a smile, “We were discussing the lead stories for this weeks edition” she said smugly.  “Yes, thank you you Amy.  I am glad someone’s been paying attention.”  After patting Amy on the head, figuratively speaking, of course; Mr Ward continued to drone on like the blatherskite he is prone to be.  I drifted off.  Motorcycles, rock music, and groupies were all that I was thinking about when I realized everyone was looking at me in anticipation.  I quickly studied the white board and tried to discern the topic of the conversation I was obviously expected to contribute to.  The white board was blank – no help there.  Amy, the brown nose was beaming at my pending embarrassment and Mr. Ward was scowling in my direction.  “Well,” I spoke up, “the Nazi Buddha from space might be fake.  I think we should lead with coverage from the debate.”  Mr. Ward nodded his head, “I think so too” he said thoughtfully.  Damn, I pulled it off again.  I’ll take blind luck any day.  Amy, the brown nose looked crestfallen.
Time is up. Put down your writing implements and step away from the paper.

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