July 2013

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06 July 2013

The prompts are:

1. He climbed into the time machine and faced the only two buttons – Fast Forward and Rewind
2. Gravity definitely did not work the right way here
3. I’d never have (said) or (done) it if not for you.

Begin writing
Dr. Nicholas Nickson had made a career out of making people beautiful, at least if they could be sculpted to meet his idea of beauty he could do it.  Gravity did not work the right way when you were one of Dr. Nickson’s patients.  Skin was not allowed to get loose.  Breasts and butts were not allowed to sag.  Hair lines were not allowed to retreat.  Faces were forbidden from developing creases or lines or other signs of character.

Nicholas had been practicing his brand of cosmetic surgery and beauty enhancement in Newport Beach for more than 50 years and, he didn’t look a day over thirty-five himself.  Prior to moving to the west coast Dr. Nickson had practiced for almost 20 years in New York.  During his time in New York the theatre had supplied most of his customers but movies, and movie actors were where the real money was.  Money was mandatory for Nicholas.  Beauty was not cheap and when you were your own best customer you quickly developed an expensive habit.

It was a Monday morning and just like every other morning in Orange County the weather was perfect.  Dr. Nickson nosed his 1953 Jaguar slowly up to the sign that read “Reserved for Dr. Nickson”.  He put the gear shift in neutral and set the brake.  He took a moment to caress the red leather upholstery and think how lucky he was that human skin was not as tough, resilient and long lasting as his car seats.  He had bought the car new in ’53 for $1,700.00.  That was a fortune in those days.  He had lusted for a luxury automobile for decades and when he saw the green Jag with the red upholstery and burl wood dash he knew that was the one.  He stopped into East Side Import Motors and paid cash.  H had not set foot on board any form of public transit since.  His car was his only means of transportation.

The doctor took the lift to the sixth floor and went into his office.  Jessica was already there at her desk.  She smiled up at him, “Good morning Doctor, Happy Birthday”

He grimaced, “Good morning to you too.  Please do not tell anyone that it’s my birthday though – that could lead them to ask my age and in my business that is something you should never reveal.”

Jessica smiled back again and her teeth were flawless.
Time is up. Put down your writing implements and step away from the paper.

I missed a few weeks – Upon my return I promptly procrastinated putting this post up.  Sorry – it is late but is it better late than never? You tell me.

27 July 2013

The prompts are:

1. His feet were already numb.  He should have listened
2. This time he’d gone too far
3. It was a parade like none I had ever seen before.

Begin writing
Step by step, by step, by step, by step.  Always moving forward – always moving ahead.  That was his goal.  It was what he did now.  It was all he knew to do.  But, this time he was worried.  His feet were already numb.  His handmade straw shoes inadequate protection for his feet in this jungle.  He should have listened, everyone had cautioned him that there was no escape but he didn’t listen and had tunneled out anyway.  It had not been his intent to get away, at least not initially.  He simply wanted to breathe free air and move more than 15 small steps in a single direction.  Now he was committed.

When he first completed the tunnel he went out to walk at night a few times to test their security and his mobility.  He had been inside so long he was unsure if he had the stamina and endurance to go.  The walks had turned to runs and the distances had increased.  Tonight was the night and he had already gone too far to make it back by morning; and his ex-wife had said he had commitment issues.  If this wasn’t commitment what was?

When he had crossed the last ridge, about an hour ago he was in uncharted territory.  He had never been here before.  He had come in on the roads with the others.  Not going out that way though.  That would lead to certain capture.  And, capture after escape would lead to a certain slow death.  Gotta take care…Gotta be aware.  This jungle was not for the faint of heart.

He realized that he smelled a river and the scent was growing stronger.  Could be good…could be a trap.  A river could increase his speed and help him put more distance between him and his captors but, it was also what they would expect.  They would probably look there first.  That’s what he would do.  Decision time then, head for the river and hope that he had a big enough lead or turn east towards the border.
Time is up. Put down your writing implements and step away from the paper