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Daily Prompt

“the ___ is the new ___”

The DAYS are the New DREAMS

I don’t know what this means
I am really not sure
I followed the rules and went to my favorite blog
I got “The BEFORE is the new ENTERTAINED”
I went to another great blog and got “The MISFORTUNE is the new ACCOLADE”
I checked a couple more with equally disappointing results
I thought about how nouns might be the key to success with this particular prompt
I wished that I could change the prompt to read “____  is  the new ____”
I didn’t want to cheat
I kept checking blogs
I finally I hit upon “the days are the new dreams”
I thought about daydreaming…
I thought about how daydreams are the new nightmares
I thought that wouldn’t be so bad, most of my daydreams are pleasant
I tried to think if it could work the other way around too
I decided that if nightmares were the new daydreams things would be pretty bad indeed
I figured people would learn to refrain from daydreaming
I imagined all the cool things that would never be invented because no one wanted to dream them up
I decided that “The DAYS are the New DREAMS” would have to be strong enough to stand on its own
I then, and only then, decided I had scribbled enough gibberish about something I never really understood well in the first place

I probably should have just made some words up!

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