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Daily Prompt: Express Yourself

Daily Prompt: Express Yourself

Today’s prompt and the accompanying description make my brain hurt! I mean, what do I do with a prompt of “Express Yourself” and directions that ask me to tell about a time when I couldn’t quite get my words or images to express what I wanted to express. This could go anywhere (and probably will).

Well, it doesn’t literally make my brain hurt but, it certainly does spark cogitation.  Sparks can ignite conflagration, which in turn can produce smoke. So I’m sitting here with smoke coming out of my ears and a headache induced by a fire inside my skull. Maybe my brain hurts after all!

I’m not sure that you, dear reader, truly understand what I am trying to say so let me try again.  I am supposed to tell you about a time when I couldn’t get my words or images to express what I wanted to express. I could write about almost anything with this prompt.

I Write
We all know that punctuation can save lives (i.e. let’s eat Grandma). We are also aware that proper grammar and spelling will enhance the reading experience (I wrot the goodest blog post ever). We know these rules because these rules, and others like them, are what we have been taught. However skillful misapplication of these rules can also convey information and enhance the reading experience (re: Faulkner). Sadly, we are not all Faulkner’s so we follow the rules, we edit, we punctuate, and we try to make it easy for our readers.

I Draw
I’m not very good with drawing feet though. Most of the people I draw are standing behind something or wearing shoes. I manage to convey what I am trying to convey without having to draw feet. I know, this is the cheap way around the problem. I should probably just work on my feet…  “Work on my feet,” probably not the most eloquent way to tell you what I should do but I hope you understood what I am talking about.

I Bake
Sometimes, I use a little too much sugar, or not enough. Sometimes I cook things a little longer than I intended, but hopefully you will still recognize that I made a cookie.

I guess that every time we open our mouths, put a pen to paper, or fingers on a keyboard we can expect to be misunderstood. In a perfect world you, dear reader, would understand exactly what I was hoping to express. But this is not a perfect world so, maybe you don’t understand exactly what I meant to convey but as long as you understood something, then we have made progress. And, if you don’t think you have quite gotten the gist of this post, you might try rereading it.