Daily Prompt: Ripped from the Headlines

Mile Marker 420 Repeatedly Stolen In Colorado

I get a lot of news from NPR.  As instructed by the daily prompt I went to the NPR site and found this headline on The Morning Edition page.  The site wanted me to listen to the audio of the story but I figured I will hear that on the way to work this morning.  I only read the blurb that was provided.  Here it is in its entirety.
The number 420 is associated with marijuana culture, and so Colorado officials found it necessary to protect Mile Marker 420 on I-70. Officials hope they’ve now secured the highway. The mile 420 sign has been replaced by a new one, reading: Mile 419.99.
I sipped my coffee and contemplated this.  I gotta admit, it’s a pretty clever way to solve the problem but some questions are begging to be answered.  Some of these are:
1. What possesses someone to steal this kind of sign anyway?
2. How stoned were the problem solvers when they thought of this idea?
3. Will it really solve the problem?

Let me try to address them one at a time.
1. What possesses someone to steal this kind of sign anyway?
In East Tucson, AZ there is a residential street named “Stoner Ave.”  It is apparently one of the most frequently stolen signs in the city.  Some quick internet research reveals that The top 5 stolen signs in Tucson include:
Stoner Avenuestoner
Jessica Avenue
Gay Street
Easy Street
Players Club Drive

Now that marijuana is legal in CO will the allure of this particular 420 sign be diminished?  Does it take some of the shine off?  Time will tell.
Why not just pull the car over and take of photo of you, and your glassy eyes, with the sign? Sorry, I guess that is really just another question but, I’m gonna leave it there.
2. How stoned were the problem solvers when they thought of this idea?
I really can’t address this one.  You guys will have to make up your own minds!
3. Will it really solve the problem?
Definitely not, if anything the sign is probably more desirable now.

Reading back over this post I realize that I haven’t really addressed any of the questions that I raised (maybe a little bit of question 3) but I have commented on all of them and managed to entertain myself sufficiently.  Maybe you guys will crack a smile while you read it!  Get back to me and let me know if this is really news?

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