18 January 2014

18 January 2014

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The prompts are:
1. Play a train song
2. He knew he had one left.  He just knew it.
3. A sheep in sheep’s clothing

Begin Writing
“Look at me Mary.  What you see is what I am.  No secrets, no hidden agendas, no subterfuge, I am an open book.  I’m a sheep in sheep’s clothing.  I am not trying to deceive anyone.  If it looks like a duck…”

“I just don’t know.” Mary said, “How can I be sure I can trust you?  I mean I want to, I really do but, I’ve been burned by guys like you before.  This is really hard for me.”

“You are gonna have to decide Mary.  This is a great opportunity and I can’t keep that beauty on the lot forever.  There’s a young couple coming in this afternoon to make an offer on it if it’s still here.  You’re offering cash so it’s yours if you want it.  You can drive it off the lot right now.”

Mary tilted her head and looked out the window at the car in the lot. “It is a beautiful shade of beige,” she said, “why did that lady sell you the car again?”

“I told you that story Mary.  Mrs. Teapot had to go into a nursing home.  This car is a classic.  She kept it in a garage since she bought it new in 1973 and she really did only drive it to the market and back once a week.  That’s the reason it is in such good shape with such low mileage.  The 1973 Kingswood station wagon is highly sought after by collectors.”

Mary fidgeted in her seat.  Looked at the car, looked at me.  Reached for her purse, put it back down.  Then started fidgeting again.

Man, I thought to myself, how am I gonna separate this broad from her money?

“Will you take a cheque?” she blurted out.

Bingo!  “Normally we don’t take cheques Mary but I know you are gonna love this car as much as Mrs. Teapot did.  I guess we can take a cheque from you.  Make it out to ‘Honest Tom’s Used Cars and Motorcycle Parts.”

She dove into her purse with gusto and pulled out her cheque book.  “Six hundred dollars, right?” she asked.

“You are a tough negotiator Mary,” I shook my head “we had agreed on six-fifty.”

“No, I’m sure you said six hundred,” she stopped writing and lifted her pen.

“OK Mary, six hundred dollars for you, but don’t ever tell anyone!”
Time is up. Put down your writing implements and step away from the paper.

Daily Prompt: Captive’s Choice

Daily Prompt: Captive’s Choice

 You’ve been kidnapped and given a choice: would you rather be stranded on an island, dropped into an unknown forest, or locked in a strange building?


You could send me to a strange building if you want to.  Preferably a really dark, damp and cold one.

A scary unknown forest?  That might be OK too.

But please, please don’t send me to a tropical island Br’er Fox!  Maui frightens me.


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