Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course

Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course

Think about what you wanted to accomplish last week. Did you? What are the things that hold you back from doing everything you’d like to do?


It was this morning (not last week), early in the AM, still dark out, things were not going according to plan.  “What the hell is going on here?” I said out loud.  No one heard, no one was listening, ergo, no one answered.  No surprise really, I was sitting alone in a darkened room. Only the glow from my laptop pierced the darkness.  And maybe, the LCD from my alarm clock face added a bit of light as well.  Couple those with the LED’s from the various chargers, video games, cable boxes, coffee makers, and other sundry electronics that surround me and I probably should have been wearing shades.  Now that I think about it, how do I ever get to sleep with all the lights on like this?  Why do I even need lamps?

But, I digress.  Let me back up a bit… “What the hell is going on here?” I said out loud.  “Why isn’t my internet connection working?”  I was frustrated.  I wanted to see what the daily prompt was but the World Wide Web would not allow it.  At least that is what I believed at the time.  I cycled the power on my PC.  No better.  I stumbled downstairs and reset the router.  No better.  I tried to check facebook to no avail.  I dozed off staring at my screen.

I woke and it was still dark.  The clock said 6:58.  My computer said 1858.  Damn, I lost over 12 hours.  What happened?  I have vague recollections of voices speaking a language I didn’t understand, bright lights, the hum of machinery and electronics.  Straps around my ankles, wrists and chest restraining me in a prone position, on my back.  Spinning. Fading in and out of consciousness.  Nothing else, till now.  Now, when I woke up, 1858.

I am one giant bruise and what appears to be ligature marks around my ankles, wrists and chest.  I check my laptop and find my internet connection is working.  The daily prompt is “What are the things that hold you back from doing everything you’d like to do?”

Obviously this is easy although I cannot expound or provide details the simple answer is without a doubt:


Hope to do better tomorrow.


Check these out.  I know that I can be disappointing but these guys never are:

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