Daily Prompt: BFFs

Daily Prompt: BFFs

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to?


All that I have cared about is gone.
Everyone I loved has been taken away.
All that remains is this bottle, these nightmares, and the mistakes that I have yet to make.
But I will… I’m sure I will.

Once I had a family. Once I had money. Once I had a life filled with ambition and promise.
Those things are gone now.

It happened slowly at first.  The shine disappeared.
Disappeared from the things I loved.  Then slowly, but surely they all vanished.
Some crawled away of their own accord.  Others I shoved out.
The process took years but I was thorough.  Made sure it was complete.

Only one thing left to do before…

Wait, there is one remaining remora that I cannot shake.
This damn dog will not let go.  Where did she come from?  When did she latch on?

This nameless yellow cur.  If she ever had a name, I do not recall it.
I cannot loosen her.

She stays by my side.  Sleeps in the alley with her head on my lap.
I find myself looking.  Looking for scraps.
For her.
She is either a demon or an angel, keeping me alive.

I curse her and bless her with the same breath.


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Author: tnkerr

Mostly making things up and writing them down to amuse myself!

20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: BFFs”

  1. It’s funny how similar experiences can be for so many people. I feel my little 3 year old dog is my best friend too, he follows me where my shadow would not, lol!


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