Daily Prompt: XYZ

Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ

 Think about the generation immediately younger or older than you. What do you understand least about them — and what can you learn from them?


I leaned on the bar and put both hands around my beer.  That’s about the time I became aware that the big guy was talking.  He wasn’t talking to me though, he was talking to Jessica.  Jessica the young, lean millennial.  Jessica, of the long red hair and even longer legs. Jessica, who had accepted the drink I offered and who I hoped to get to know better tonight.

Using his left index finger he pushed his Stetson back a little on his head and smiled.  “Well, if he ever doesn’t treat you right, call me, ya-hear.”

I knew when he said “he” that he meant me.  I thanked Jessica silently in my head.  Turned on my biggest smile and stuck out my hand.  “She’s got nothing to worry about from me” I said.  “My name’s Slim. Well, it’s not really Slim, but that’s what my friends call me.  You can call me Slim.”

“Nice to meet you Slim,” he shook my hand, “I was just about to tell your young lady here, that I’m the band.” He crooked fingers on both hands making air quotes when he said ‘the band’.  “I like heavy metal, but I sing folk songs and I’d love you guys to stick around and listen to my set tonight.  The crowd is pretty sparse and I could use all the support I can get.”

“We can probably stick around for a little while” Jessica said coyly, thick honey dripping off every word, “but, I’m trying to talk Slim into taking me dancing and it’s hard to dance to folk music.” She looked at me, took a small sip from the straw in her drink, and batted her eyes.  “There’s a night club a couple of blocks over that should start heating up in about an hour.”

“Nice meetin’ ya’ll,” he said and he headed for the small stage in the corner.  As he passed me he leaned in and whispered, “I just don’t understand these kids today.  They’d rather go disco than throw up and hallucinate.”  He shook his head and kept moving, muttering to himself.


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