The Missing Daily Prompt: “BOOM”

The Missing Daily Prompt


“I was good tonight,” I thought to myself as I settled back into the seat of my custom made luxury coach.  I nodded my head to Hiram and he pulled the door shut.  He put her in gear and pulled away from the curb in front of the auditorium.  The rest of the band was in the other bus.  Really an insufferable lot they were, I was glad to have my own coach – with a picture of me on the side, larger than life. “BOOM – World Tour” it said.

“All the way to Natchez, Hiram,” I shouted to the front of the bus.

“Yes sir, Mr. Bum” he responded.

“It’s BOOM, Hiram.  BOOM, with all capital letters, it’s not Bum.  How many times do I have to tell you!  All the real stars have one name, Sting, Madonna, Sade, Moby and me.  But I’m the only one who spells it in all caps.  It makes me stand out.  It sets me apart. It defines me. It lets the world know just how cool I really am.”

“Sorry, Mr. Bum” Hiram says, the cords on my neck begin to stand out as my face contorts, “My accent, ya know.  Bum is just the way I pronounce Bum.  No disrespect sir.”

“Work on it Hiram.” I say and slip the headphones on.  What an ingrate, what a Maroon.


For reasons unknown I can’t see the daily prompt today.  I made up my own.  I will set all the appropriate links, pingbacks, and other assorted stuff that I need to do later, I hope, but I had the Jones to write something.

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Sorry, Michelle W.  my schedule today dictates I move forward.  I will try to make up for it tomorrow.

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