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How Friends are Made and Kept


I understand your decision,
If only I’d found you sooner.

You allowed me in, we’re friends.

You introduced me to others,
Now they’re my friends too.

In this way you’re with me always.


For the final challenge here at Trifecta, we considered some flash and dazzle, a wild prompt to send us off with a bang.  What we realized was the most achingly beautiful, haunting and dazzling words we’ve read from our brilliant community have been the ones you chose when you were given the freedom to write with abandon.  So we’re lovingly, and eagerly, placing the choice in your hands.  There’s no topic, no word, just a free write. Go anywhere your mind wants to travel.  Take us there too.  Just make it count, leave your blood all over this page.  Thirty-three words exactly.  Of course.  We couldn’t end it any other way.

Good luck and happy writing! – See more at: http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/#sthash.CtrnNsVF.dpuf

33 thoughts on “How Friends are Made and Kept

  1. Definitely have found friends and fellow muse’s at Trifecta. A perfect capture of one of the spokes in their wheel.


    1. I think anyone who took the time to read the entries and work on the challenges made friends. I wish I had known about Trifecta earlier.


  2. You’ve spoken to the most (happily) unexpected part of Trifecta. Elegant exit, Thom!


  3. I wish I’d found them sooner too. You’ve wonderfully summed up what Trifecta was all about and meant to us, well me anyway. Well done.


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