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Winter seemed reluctant to release it’s hold.
Or was it Spring?
Reluctant to emerge into the world,
Like a breech birth; she will emerge eventually, it is unavoidable.
But, there is danger!
For both Mother and Child, there is danger.
Why can’t this be easier?
“Do we bud now?” ask the plants.
“Should we bloom now?” ask the buds.
A late freeze endangers everything.
Pray for a turn in the womb.
Pray for a smooth emergence of new life.

25 thoughts on “Spring

  1. I enjoyed your take on the prompt.
    Loved the comparison with a breech birth – awkward but unavoidable entrance into the world.


  2. This was just lovely. I could see this conversation taking place right now actually. 80 degrees one day then snow the next here. I felt bad for the poor flowers that popped through. 😦


  3. I like the way you reverse the prompt to wonder if spring is reluctant to arrive, rather than winter being the culprit. Your comparison of the changing of seasons to giving birth worked very well too. Nicely done!


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