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“Tell Me Something, Old Friend: Why Are You Fighting?”

I contemplated the question, and replied slowly,

 “Because I fear peace.

Not the idea of peace; rather, the disdain of my comrades, if I do not fight.

I fight because I am not brave enough to do otherwise.

I am cowardly.



31 thoughts on ““Tell Me Something, Old Friend: Why Are You Fighting?”

    1. Kind of a catch 22 isn’t it. In order to demonstrate courage you must first admit cowardice. Thanks for the comment Janna. I appreciate your insight.


  1. wonderful twist on the prompt. Excellent. Actually my last entry on this blog though not for this is a gargleblaster lol


  2. Fear is sometimes more powerful than love or light, which is distressing. How often we cower when we could rise instead.
    Our comrades are always a determining force, which saddens me. (although I know that I am guilty of the sheep mentality more often than not)

    a very thoughtful piece on peace.


  3. Great take on the prompt; torn between fears. (The word “disdain” jarred me somehow, in context, though. Maybe because I was reading it in a street kid’s voice?)


    1. You opened my eyes. I hadn’t even contemplated “Street Kid” when I wrote it. I guess we jarred each other! Thanks!


  4. Oooo, interesting! What a conundrum. I love the contrasting perspectives. Great job. Thanks for linking up!


  5. I like your take on the prompt, and presentation of fighting as the cowardly option instead of something to be proud of. So many horrific things happen because of people’s desire not to be looked down upon by their comrades, and I’m glad you wrote about it!


    1. Thanks Kay – Thanks for reading and thanks for your support! This is a great place to write because of people like you!


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