Yeah Write: Gargleblaster #159

Gargleblaster #159

Really, this stuff is quite amazing. I arrived very late, because my clocks had stopped, it didn’t seem to matter though. Just look at all the things I got. Perhaps, Toots was wrong. Maybe flea markets are literally the place to shop!

This week’s ultimate question was suggested by Erica M, and comes from Alice Munro’s short story A Real Life.

Have all your clocks stopped?

The answer must be 42 words.


23 thoughts on “Yeah Write: Gargleblaster #159

  1. LOL. Plus I loved the idea of flea markets being the place you were late to arrive to, since they are full of things from a place where time seems to have stopped. The dichotomy of that just tickled me.


  2. *hahaha* This cracked me up. My mother has the same fascination with flea markets. (And tag sales, and second-hand shops, and that pile of stuff somebody left on the curb…) What a fun way to respond to the prompt – thanks for linking up!


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