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Daily Prompt: Just Another Day

Daily Prompt: Just Another Day

Our days our organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

Angie used her fingers to pry her eyelids open. She rolled over and out of bed. The resounding crash when she hit the floor solicited more of the ever-present banging on the ceiling from her downstairs neighbors. A glance at the clock told her it was either 12:25 or 3:50. She couldn’t focus on the numbers, she couldn’t be sure. It didn’t matter anyway.

She looked back at the bed. No one else was there. At least she had that to be thankful for.

She crawled and slithered to the kitchen where she pulled herself upright with the help of the counter top. A saucepan in the sink beckoned and glimmered with hope. Grabbing it, she looked inside. Thinking ‘not too bad’ she turned on the tap. She let the water run for a few seconds till it was clear, filled the saucepan halfway, and set it on a burner. Half a box of ‘Ohio Blue Tips’ later the burner was lit and she grabbed the can of Folgers, sitting next to the stove.

Angie was never a stickler for details, and it seemed like too much trouble to measure the coffee anyway, so pulling off the plastic top she dumped half the can into the water in the saucepan. She sank back down to the floor and leaned against the oven door to wait. Seemingly hours later she figured it had been long enough. She rose up to her knees slowly then stood. It was a little easier this time. A coffee cup sat on the edge of the sink and she poured some of the dark liquid from the saucepan onto the counter top. She somehow managed to also get some into the cup. It looked pretty nasty, lots of grounds floating around but, the color was right.

She took a sip.

Immediately, she began to feel better. She used the tip of her tongue to move the grounds to her lips and spit them into the sink. A couple of sips later, accompanied by the pneumatic expulsion of a lot more coffee grounds, Angie felt a lot better. She grabbed a strainer and poured more coffee from the saucepan into her cup. She hooked her cup and turned from the kitchen towards the shower.

The morning routine – some days are better than others.

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Daily Prompt · Random Scribbles · writing

Daily Prompt: Baggage Check

Daily Prompt: Baggage Check

We all have complicated histories. When was the last time your past experiences informed a major decision you’ve made?


Fresh out of the Marines.
Going to Las Vegas
To start my new life
Elvis impersonator, and I do a
Pretty mean Liberace too.

Got a bag full of Liberace rags
Got a bigger bag half full of ‘old’ Elvis
The other half of ‘young’
A third with socks, skivvies, two pair of jeans
A three button shirt, and my Guns and Roses Tee

With the sleeves cut off.

The airline said
I could only take two bags.
I left New York wearing
Three pair of socks, three pair of shorts
Two pair of jeans, one three button shirt, and my Guns and Roses Tee

With the sleeves cut off.