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Gargleblaster #161 – Is Something Crawling on Me?

Is something crawling on me?

No, I’m crawling.
Obstinately crawling over the weak, slow, and indecisive
Crawling ever upwards,
Getting ahead.
Impatiently crawling over all who impede my progress.
Don’t look down. Don’t look back.
They’re right behind
Remain ruthless, never stop.

30 thoughts on “Gargleblaster #161 – Is Something Crawling on Me?

  1. It is a dog eat dog world today-every one scurrying to outrun and outdo every one else!A true and stark portrayal of today’s life-sad but unavoidable for many.Well done:-)


  2. We all should be doing this. Too many people are afraid and let things stand in their way of getting ahead.


  3. Thanks. I am glad you liked my approach. The whole bug thing would have just creeped me out. I wouldn’t have been able to get the full 42.


    1. Thanks for the comment. Ruthless is pretty harsh but, so often, true. We need to consider a way to balance ambition with care for others.


    1. Thank you I am pleased that you liked it. I am even more pleased that you took the time to tell me you liked it. Thanks.


  4. This is terrific! All that posturing, yet the question remains, like a paranoia.


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