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Light and Shade Challenge: Walking the Fence Line

Cletus, Bo and Zeke were walking the fence line through the woods.

“I been thinkin’,” Cletus mumbled, “If I had a penny fer ever’ stone in this wall, I’d be a rich man”

“I reckon that’s true,” Bo agreed, “but, if I had a dollar fer ever’ item in the Sears Catalogue I’d be richer than you.”

“Shore you would be,” Zeke offered, spurring the other two to nod in agreement, “but if I had a nickel fer ever’ dime y’all two have, I’d have half yer money.”

“Ahhhh,” they all said in unison, then silently pondered that idea.

Many thanks to my friend Jetgirl for introducing me to this challenge, the Friday Light and Shade Challenge.  This is my first submission. Writers are allowed 100 words or less.

Two prompts – a photo and a quote:
.            The Photo:

Photo credit: Lyssa Medana
Photo credit: Lyssa Medana

.            The Quote:

If you don’t find it in the index, look very carefully through the entire catalogue.
.             Sears, Roebuck, and Co., Consumer’s Guide, 1897

16 thoughts on “Light and Shade Challenge: Walking the Fence Line

  1. That made me laugh – I can imagine these characters have lots of similar conversations (and I’d love to hear them!). Thanks for linking up and joining in.


    1. Thanks so much – your comment got caught up in my spam filter. I think I have it fixed now – hopefully won’t happen again. I am glad to be here.


  2. I loved the way this was constructed – the dialogue worked so well. I’ve heard the same intellectual standards with a few accents and I think you have caught it brilliantly. It is great to see you here, I hope you enjoy the challenge Lyssa M x


    1. Thanks for the comment Lyssa. You got delayed somewhat and I only saw it just now. Hope it is fixed. Thanks for the work you do organizing this challenge – I know it is not easy.


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