Speakeasy #162: The Art of Albrecht Dürer


Until the day I die, I’ll never forget those glassy, unblinking eyes.
The fixed gaze and unlined countenance of the Merchant Krel,
Staring upward, unseeing, through the canopy of trees.
Death did not surprise him. He appears accepting, though mildly perplexed;
As though he has been interrupted while seeking to understand the motivation of his assailants,
Those coarse highwaymen, long gone.
The tear in his leather tunic and the bloodstain on his stark white blouse scream violence.
His eyes and the fixture of his face whisper peace.




19 thoughts on “Speakeasy #162: The Art of Albrecht Dürer

    • Thank you Janna. I am looking forward to reading your submission when I am done with my day job this afternoon. Your encouragement and your work are always inspiring.


  1. Flowed easily, clear imagery. Liked the historical feel and language, really true to the painting.


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