Light and Shade Challenge: Mother Nature

Light and Shade Challenge Friday 23rd May 2014

There were two prompts.  A photo and a quote.
The photo caught my attention this time and you can see it below (sulaco229 at

The quote:

the rarest chords in the soul’s harmonics Are found in the minor strains of life.
E. Wheeler Wilcox. Life’s Harmonies

mother nature copy

Mother Nature wasn’t always Mother Nature; she started off as Baby Nature. Age has mellowed her, she’s learned more control but, it’s always been the case that when she moved things would happen. Flowers bloomed, forests appeared, grasses and ivies grew and spread. Things got really exciting during adolescence – volcanos erupted, mountain ranges rose in her footprints when she stormed off after spats with her parents. Rivers and lakes formed if she sobbed over a skinned knee or mourned a lost love.

And then there was the day she skated into the house. Rolled right in the front door…

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