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Gargleblaster #165: Word Travels Fast

I worried as I entered the bakery. I always worry. I should never have told Grace last night.
She’s a gossip. She’ll tell everyone. Soon, everyone will know.
“Good morning Mr. Evans,” the fresh, young counter girl sings. “How’s that nasty rash?”

43 thoughts on “Gargleblaster #165: Word Travels Fast

  1. Love the characterization of the counter girl. And even with so few words, I can absolutely imagine the prior evening’s conversation..super sketching with your 42 words!

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    1. I usually try to just carry on like I didn’t just screw up. Hope that the significance is lost before it spreads like wildfire.


    1. Everybody has at one point or the other. Well, maybe not the rash but, definitely hearing your secrets told back to you by strangers. Thanks


  2. oh I am distracted by all the ways in which “Grace” isn’t acting like she should.
    there are some people you just never tell…it’s oftne hard (and embarressing) to figure out who.

    nice take!

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  3. Oh, dear. Poor Mr. Evans and his indiscretions. I wonder what else Grace said? Very funny response, Thom – great job! Thanks for gargleblasting. 🙂


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