Gargleblaster #168: The Mermaid

There was poundin’ on the door.
I can’t ignore him, he won’t leave.

 Through the door I say, “I know what you want, Cap’n.
“She’s not here. I threw her back.”

 “Arrgh, Ya won’t mind if we look around then.”


Holy smokes – A prize “Top Row Seven” I am honored and excited.


47 thoughts on “Gargleblaster #168: The Mermaid

  1. Love the suspense you have created here. I can picture it as a movie scene. I was trying to go in a similar direction for my mermaid tale but just couldn’t find the words. I’m glad I went off in a different direction now as you covered it so well!

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    • I like to include pirates whenever possible. I’m thinking about taking Pirateology classes at the local Junior College. Considering a career change.
      I’m glad you liked it. Thanks.

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  2. Classic police tactics …loved the line about “throwing her back”, that should buy him a few minutes. Just keep them away from the tub. 😉

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  3. ‘I threw her back’ lol I know a few who might wish they could have said that about me. Hahaha Great post, Thom!

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