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Light and Shade: Two Tries

Light and Shade Challenge 04.July.2014

To make up for last week – I worked to get two pieces in one post while still remaining within the prescribed word count limit!


Measure This

I was tasked by my masters to find,
Tools to measure the passage of time,
I tried the tape first
But, they yelled and they cursed;
Though the clock I presented was fine.

tapeImage courtesy of freeimages.co.uk


Do You Think?

Look at her, she’s beautiful today.

Has she changed her hair? New dress maybe?

I don’t think so… I don’t know. She just looks-
prettier somehow.
She’s positively glowing!

Did you see that? Did you see? She touched her belly. Do you think?

9 thoughts on “Light and Shade: Two Tries

  1. Two for the price of one! What an excellent deal. I loved both of them – humour in the first, sheer delight in the second

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Given that, technically, we should probably be talking in terms of spacetime (unless Star Trek has been lying to me all these years) then I think the tape measure was perhaps just as valid a tool with which to begin measuring as the clock. So your masters could’ve cut you some slack 🙂


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