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Daily Prompt: Fearless Fantasies

Daily Prompt: Fearless Fantasies

 How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?


The room collapsed into rubble as the creature raised himself to his full height, fifty feet with a wingspan of twice that. In a dark voice reeking of brimstone and eternal damnation he announced himself to the gathering. “I AM FIRE, which of you has summoned me from my labors?”

“Ahh, shit!” I said, and turned to run but Chester grabbed my arm.

“Wait man, don’t be scared. I’m the one who called him here.”

“What the…? Why’d you do that?”

“For the power dude, for the power.” Amid the chaos and screams of the scattering congregation Chet stood and gazed at the beast. “That would be me. I summoned you.” He said calmly.

The voice of the demon boomed and he looked down on us, “Do you not fear me?”

I sunk to the ground trying to become invisible but, Chet took a step towards him, “No,” was all he was able to say before I was blinded by a bright flash like a camera. When I could see again, Chet was gone – disappeared.

You should have been afraid.” The monster bared his fangs, “I am busy. Leave me alone. Do – not – disturb – me – again!” He folded his wings around himself and was gone. A few ashes wafted towards the ground where Chester had stood just moments before.

No one else was there, just me and a scattering of upturned chairs. The sharp smell of sulfur reamed my nostrils and I looked around, taking stock. A single table teetered precariously where a back wall had been. As I watched, it collapsed and with a crash the plate of toll house cookies it had supported broke on the ground, uneaten.

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