Gargleblaster · writing

The Moonshine Gargleblaster


Mechanics, punctuation, verb tenses, and the like

I used to think I couldn’t allow these, to intrude on my story.

I’ve since come to realize that without proper attention to these

No one reads what I write.

So what’s a dangling participle?


4 thoughts on “The Moonshine Gargleblaster

  1. Writing a Gargleblaster about grammar, the dangling participle knew that mechanics are important.

    Or something like that… I found it hard to try to write one. Fun idea for a Gargleblaster!

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  2. I love this!! As a writer who is just starting out, I am at this stage, where I tend to ramble and maybe not check my work. It is a slow evolving process. I love the picture too.


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