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Daily Prompt: Writer’s Block Party

Daily Prompt: Writer’s Block Party

When was the last time you experienced writer’s block? What do you think brought it about — and how did you dig your way out of it?


The end of the cul de sac is roped off closing it to traffic. Everyone’s there, the whole neighborhood.

Shelley and King huddle. Deep in conversation by the table where the desserts are displayed. Monsters cavort in thought bubbles above their heads.

Austen sits staring at her phone. Alone.

Capote and Alcott play tag with some kids. Freeze Tag, it appears to be, or some variation of same.

Cliff and Rich smile and laugh, sharing a joke. Christie eavesdrops from nearby, hoping for a clue, no doubt.

Dickens is holding court near the plastic bins with Faulkner, Salinger, Bronte, and Seuss. He speaks earnestly and shakes his index finger at each in turn as he makes his point.

Frost kibitzes, looking over Eliot’s shoulder as Toews lays down cards and says “Gin.”

Stowe lies sprawled on a picnic table, her bonnet slightly askew and surrounded by crumpled empties. Red, white and blue cans that once held PBR.

Angelou folds paper swans and gives them to Buck. Who grins and piles them on the card table at which they sit.

Wilder broods by the corner, always in a funk and nearby Trevor scribbles furiously in a spiral bound book.

Garcia-Marquez and Tolstoy are arguing again by the boxwood hedge edging Tolstoy’s lawn. I honestly don’t know why they bother. Those two will never see eye to eye.

Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Poe busily mix drinks for Rowling. I believe they’re trying to get her drunk.

The barbeque at the north end of the street is tended by Kipling, London, Vonnegut, and Wells. While Shakespeare, Twain, and Woolf mind the south. A cooking competition brewing.

Orwell and Rand hold hands, beneath the Jacaranda on Dickinson’s lawn.  Steinbeck notices them while he, Joyce, Wharton and Wilde play bocce nearby, “Get a room, you two!” he shouts.


Writer’s block indeed!


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