22 thoughts on “Southeast Asian Rains

  1. Love the poetry in this – the rhythm and sounds are very strong. And the cutting the raindrops line – fantastic.

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  2. Wonderful! I could hear the difference between the regular rain and the monsoons, as though the narrator almost re-focused or changed his mood. There’s a lot in those few words.

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  3. That last image is so intricate, Thom. I almost need a microscope. Amazing that the range of your gargleblaster goes from a helicopter in the sky to a water droplet being cut in half.

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  4. I like how you zoom in from the enormous-and-abstract (memory of war) down to the miniscule-yet-tangible (raindrops). It’s a great shift in perspective. Really nice job, Thom.

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  5. Great post! Love the use of onomonopia here and how you incorporated the photo.

    The title was intriguing to me because when I read the prompt, I also wrote about Southeast Asia, but in a different context.


  6. I like how you’ve stretched a bit here into different territory (or maybe I just haven’t been reading your work long enough…). Great job tackling both the prompt and this week’s lesson. It worked.

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  7. Fantastic job Thom! I love the whop, whop and I love how you go from mega to mini in so few words! I love how you incorporate both action and the prompt. Genius!


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