Southeast Asian Rains

Whenever I see rain, I hear the Hueys again.

Huey's in the rain

Always, when the rotor spins, you hear the staccato whap, whap, whap of the blades slicing the air. It’s different during the monsoons though, more real; as the twin blades bisect the raindrops.


Author: tnkerr

Mostly making things up and writing them down to amuse myself!

22 thoughts on “Southeast Asian Rains”

  1. Love the poetry in this – the rhythm and sounds are very strong. And the cutting the raindrops line – fantastic.

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  2. Wonderful! I could hear the difference between the regular rain and the monsoons, as though the narrator almost re-focused or changed his mood. There’s a lot in those few words.

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  3. That last image is so intricate, Thom. I almost need a microscope. Amazing that the range of your gargleblaster goes from a helicopter in the sky to a water droplet being cut in half.

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  4. I like how you zoom in from the enormous-and-abstract (memory of war) down to the miniscule-yet-tangible (raindrops). It’s a great shift in perspective. Really nice job, Thom.

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  5. Great post! Love the use of onomonopia here and how you incorporated the photo.

    The title was intriguing to me because when I read the prompt, I also wrote about Southeast Asia, but in a different context.


  6. I like how you’ve stretched a bit here into different territory (or maybe I just haven’t been reading your work long enough…). Great job tackling both the prompt and this week’s lesson. It worked.

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  7. Fantastic job Thom! I love the whop, whop and I love how you go from mega to mini in so few words! I love how you incorporate both action and the prompt. Genius!


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