12.August.30 BC

She pulled him so close that he could sense the warm blood coursing beneath the ardor of her breast.
Peace came, with the sharp prick of his bite.

Merciful venom.

The asp slithered away unsatisfied, the late queen too large to consume.

Top Row Seven – How Cool is That?

50 thoughts on “12.August.30 BC

  1. Love how you managed to slip into that snakeskin, Thom! Also, love that he was unsatisfied, but no late queens appreciate being thought of as ‘too large’ : )

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    • Large is a relative term Kymm. What may be large to you and I would be insignificant in the mind of say… King Kong. Love your comment and thanks for reading.

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  2. I thought vampires too, and then caught the allusion. Soooo much better than vampires! Great job, Thom – this is really fantastic! Thanks for linking up.

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    • I think it’s great that so many of you got vampires at the beginning. I can see why but since I had snakes in mind when I began, well, vampires never crossed my mind. It’s an added layer. I love it.


  3. Poo Cleopatra, fancy being too big to eat. I got the sense that the asp was at peace after the biting – as if the pumping blood had been too much of test and a temptation – and then he was disillusioned with his prize. Enjoyed this a lot.

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