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The days of the week lined up like buckets, ready to catch whatever fell in, an endless procession of monotony. Never changing, ever the same. This world and the people in it were dark and incomprehensible to me. I tried to clear my way with logic but, found myself moving through life with no goal – no purpose. Like an automaton, letting the days fill with whatever happened to happen.

That all changed the morning I first saw her. I watched as she carried her coffee to the table by the window, moving softly in the sunlight. I watched the rays illuminate her eyes and her golden hair. Without speaking a word or even glancing in my direction she let me know that I had gotten it all wrong. She silently taught me that I had to take control of my days and in so doing, take control of my life. Intuitively, I understood that I would occasionally need to turn those buckets over and stand atop them in order to attain a broad enough perspective to chart a proper course. In order to master my own destiny I must control what fills my days. I saw clearly that I need not simply accept whatever fell my way.

Emboldened, I seized the opportunity and strode to where she sat alone, reading and cradling her mug. “Good morning,” I said, “I saw you here and wanted to introduce myself.” I extended my hand.

She looked up at me and I was mesmerized by the changing shades of sunlight curling through her hair. We shook hands. “I’m Claire,” she said and laughed. “Please, have a seat.” Her smile was warm; warmer than the summer sunshine streaming through the window beside her.


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The Entire Spectrum of White

Editor’s Pick
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I watched the morning sunlight curl through her hair.
Changing shades with subtle variations.
Captivated; I marked the warm, buttery-white glow that framed her countenance.
Meanwhile, cool-white reflected from the shameless wisps that couldn’t be tamed,

rivaling the blued-white of her blouse.