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Criticism? What’s That?

Daily Prompt: Handle With Care

 How are you at receiving criticism? Do you prefer that others treat you with kid gloves, or go for brutal honesty?


No one ever criticizes Henry. He never does anything wrong!

He sits in that chair at the table all day, unless he’s napping on the couch.

He’s quiet and always polite.

Eats whatever you put in front of him.

His hygiene is immaculate.


He never cooks though. Never does the dishes either.

He doesn’t tidy up the house or do laundry.

In fact, now that I think about it, he doesn’t do much of anything at all.

Sleep, bathe, eat, and lay around the house. Lazy bastard.


He doesn’t contribute. He’s a taker, not a giver.

Why do I let him stick around?

I do everything for him. What does he do in return?

Oh, that’s right.

He purrs and keeps my feet warm at night.

good kitty


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