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27 September 2014 – The Rattan Rocking Chair

27 September 2014

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Today’s adventure with the Book Bandits.

The first set of prompts are:

  1. Some are useful
  2. A rattan rocking chair
  3. Like the weather, it just is


Begin Writing
The rattan rocking chair had been on that porch for as long as he could remember.  It had always been the perch for the Matriarch of the family.  The men had sturdier chairs that came and went but the delicate rattan rocker somehow seemed to last forever and no one else ever sat in it.

Tony remembered his grandmother sitting in that chair.  She would keep her knitting basket by her side as she moved gently to and fro.  When Grandma passed his mother took it over.  She would sit there every evening and most Sunday mornings as well.

Her evening sits were her way of staying in touch with the neighborhood.  Watching the comings and goings of the people on the street.  Sunday mornings were breakfast.  Mom would sit in the rocker with a waffle iron on the table beside her.  Everyone who passed by was invited up for coffee and waffles.  When Dad died, the Sunday morning waffle feasts sort of dwindled away, but the evening sits carried on.  Now that Mom was gone there was no Matriarch. The rattan rocker just sat, unoccupied.  Occasionally a breeze would start it to rocking.  If he happened to be having a cigarette on the steps he would turn his head, hoping to see his mom again but she was never there.

Tony had briefly considered the possibility of taking a wife.  He imagined that if he married it would bring life back to the house, back to the porch and he would be able to once again hear the familiar squeak of the rocker.  He quickly discarded that idea though.  A rocking chair was no reason to get married, no reason at all.

Tony reflected on all these things as he lifted the chair from the back of his truck and handed it to the volunteer at the Goodwill donation station.

“Beautiful chair,” said the man with the blue overalls, “let me get you a receipt.”

“I don’t need a receipt.” Tony told him as he closed his tailgate and walked back up towards the truck cab.  He slid behind the wheel and dried his eyes. It’s just a chair he thought to himself as he started the engine and pulled out into traffic.
Time is up. Put down your writing implements and step away from the paper.


Book Bandits team up with the Moonshine again.