Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Photo Challenge: Nighttime


Olive Trees - Newport Coast
Olive Trees – Newport Coast


36 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Nighttime

  1. First of all thanks for the plingback …. and I must say that I really like your image … I like how you have captured the light in the trees: just beautiful.

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    1. It was nighttime when I shot the photo. The light you see was all from the light fixtures shining on the trees. Of course the glow is emphasized and amplified by the 4 second exposure.
      Thanks for checking it out. I appreciate it.


      1. That is good lighting! I should have realised that green would only appear in a shot classified as ‘nighttime’ if some aritificial light was thrown in.

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    1. Those trees are at Newport Coast Center. Roughly on the corner of San Joaquin Hills Road and Newport Coast Drive. I see from your site that you are familiar with Southern CA so you might indeed recognize them.
      PS – I made the lights.


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