Daily Prompt: Dictionary, Shmictionary

Daily Prompt: Dictionary, Shmictionary

Time to confess: tell us about a time when you used a word whose meaning you didn’t actually know (or were very wrong about, in retrospect).


A cloud of eraser dust and graphite hung low in the auditorium. Slides were cycling in rapid fire succession on the screen behind the professor. Pictures of exploded isometric drawings and schematic diagrams illuminated the room. The class were all copinciously taking notes, heads down, pencils scratching, and notebook pages turning. Professor Bauer was describing the mechanical interaction of the parts in a non-ferrous desalinating limiculous.

A limiculous is a complicated machine and Professor Bauer had only a three hour class in which to cover it. On the board, he had written the pages of our manuals that covered this in great detail so that we could review, in our own time, any details which hadn’t been fully grasped during the lecture.

“Mechanical Text, Chapters 12 – 117, pgs 114 – 1280”

A supplemental reference was also listed on the board. It was the professor’s own work.

“Proper Care and Feeding of Non-Ferrous Desalinating Limiculi”
Rupert B. Bauer

He got to the description of the anodizing rod’s interaction with the rotating cog and was describing the hembellictical shape of the cross section of the anodizing rod when a hand shot up from the side of the auditorium. I later learned it was the hand of an unassuming engineering student who went by the name of Donna DeGroat.

“Questions will be entertained after the lecture.” The professor announced in response to the waving arm of the young engineering student.

“Please, Professor,” she enured, “this is relevant and vital to the entire class’ understanding of the operation of the limiculous.”

Professor Bauer stopped and crossed his arms staring at the insistent Ms. DeGroat as if asking ‘Really?’

“Very well miss. Please stand, state your name, and make your point.”

She stood, next to her seat and turned slightly in order to be heard at the back of the auditorium. “Thank you Professor. My name is Donna DeGroat and I want to point out that the anodizing rod in a desalinating limiculous is not hembellictical in shape at all, it is better described as tetraconical due to the flast on the linear side of the rod. While the hembellictical anodizing rod is commonly used in the salinators, the tetraconical ones are exclusive to the desalinators. No one will ever grasp the subtle, yet sophisticated functionality of this equipment if they do not recognize that difference. Sorry, Professor.”

Professor Bauer pulled his hair back behind his head, tightening the scrunchy that held the pony tail in place and pushed his horn-rimmed glasses back up his nose. He turned and studied the slide that was currently shining on the screen behind him. He backed it up a couple of slides and then returned to the slide where he had stopped. “Damn,” he muttered under his breath. “Class dismissed.”

Author: tnkerr

Mostly making things up and writing them down to amuse myself!

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Dictionary, Shmictionary”

  1. The teacher is taught; loved it. Thoroughly enjoy reading your pieces as they are so absorbing and original. Have a good weekend 😉


  2. Funny thing…I should really have a pocket dictionary with me at all times because I’m always using words that I’m not sure if I’m using them correctly. The ones I always mix up is “affect” vs “effect”. Especially when I’m writing, when I speak, I speak like a jailbird….if it rhymes its right:)


  3. Want to have a little fun? Look up your made-up words in Google. No, really. You are not only #1, you are the only one ;-).

    Liked by 1 person

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