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Up on the Bar in Stilettos

“No, it’s not simple,” I said, “but I’ve done this before,”

I set the second glass down in front of her

“Beeblebrox himself, taught me the secrets.”

She lifted the glass high, “Bottoms Up.”

Things’ll start to get interesting right about…




31 thoughts on “Up on the Bar in Stilettos

    1. I read once somewhere that the effects of a pangalactic gargleblaster could cause this to happen. There were other things that might happen as well but I don’t remember them. Like you, this left an image in my mind. And, I watched a movie the other evening where John Cleese was dancing around in stilettos. That may have been a trigger. Thanks for the kind words.

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  1. a little liquid courage never hurt anyone.
    Loved the title, loving my own stilettos.


    1. Lemme see what I can do. No photos exist but there may have been a sketch pad. Might take some time though.
      Thanks Stacie


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