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Comfortable Together


“I wonder where you go sometimes.” She said.
It wasn’t a question or a demand.
Just a statement, “I wonder where you go sometimes.”

I thought quickly about what she said and how she had said it,
It seemed free of malice, containing no hidden agenda.
Maybe a little like saying, “I couldn’t find good peaches at the market today.”

“It’s just work,
“and I can’t really talk about it.”

“I know,” she said, “I know.”

She turned her attention back to her scone. I went back to The Times.


Thanks all! This is pretty wonderful!

26 thoughts on “Comfortable Together

  1. I love the extent of the thought process, then the short answer. It fits so perfectly with the title. This sentence is a winner: Maybe a little like saying, “I couldn’t find good peaches at the market today.”

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  2. Comfortable together and yet apart in that they can’t share their thoughts. I leave this with a feeling of sadness. I love the peaches sentence though.

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  3. Thanks Sarah Ann. Don’t feel too sad about it – I’ve had jobs that I couldn’t talk about before. There are a lot of other things to things to discuss with someone you love. Sometimes it’s good not to have to talk about work. So granted there is a hole, but with the right two people it is easy to walk around.


  4. I love how this line sets the mood, “I couldn’t find good peaches at the market today.”
    And that comfort between two people. The nonchalant conversation, an ordinary day for them. Thanks for letting us into their lives.

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  5. Oh I love this. I love that you didn’t feel the need to use the whole word count but just took enough to tell your whole story, that one ambiguous, ambivalent, perfect moment.

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  6. There seem to be several layers to this and yet it has a graceful simplicity. I love how you compare the delivery of her question to that of a banal statement about peaches at the market. Really wonderful, crisp writing, Thom.

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  7. Absolutely wonderful, Thom. Such a simple, quiet conversation, with so much underneath it. I like the repetition of phrases, and the soft, casual tone. A perfect little snapshot.

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  8. It almost makes me think that she may be asking where he goes mentally when they are together. It seems like they are apart more than physically. Though the statement is so simple, and he thinks that he means nothing more than a simple statement, it makes me, as a reader, wonder if there is more.

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    1. Gracias Tienne. I am glad you liked it. I am pleased with the way it came out although I’m not really sure where it came from. I don’t think it was Nate’s Coffeehouse post but, “one can never be sure. Can one?”

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