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Not Quite Ready for “Freshly Pressed”

I keep coming back, hoping.

Some mornings I’m holding my breath

in anticipation.

Usually, I leave disappointed.

I find stories about important things, to be sure.

Stories about Racism, Feminism, Rape, and Harassment, to name a few.

Often, horrible things.

Topics that indeed warrant discussion,


 Stories about illness,

physical sometimes, but seemingly more often mental.

Stories about loss,

Struggles. Open letters.

Tutorials on how to be a man or a mom. Memorials for recently passed celebrities.





I would welcome the addition of more warm prose!


“Feel good” verse strewn about the grid like the freckles

scattered across a red-headed kid’s nose

 The writing is always superb

The voice is most often eloquent

The subject matter – too frequently:

earnest, deep, somber, grave

 I do not mean to marginalize your cause

That is not my intent.

I seek a more balanced diet of ideas

I seek art without an agenda.

Sometimes, I just want to smile,

is that too much to ask?

Something to read that leaves me with a light in my eye,

A spring in my step.


I’m gonna climb down off my soapbox now

I’ve pulled on your coat enough here.


Random Scribbles · writing

The Autumn of Life

Red, Orange, Gold
The canopy trees are showing off again.
The air is crisp
Like the creases on your new trousers
The pleats of her skirt

When Lorraine turns her head and laughs
You see her joy and wonder. Visible as
rising puffs of vapor
tangled in her curls.
Ephemeral, Fleeting, Momentary

Breathe deeply – take it all in – remember the moment.