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Not Quite Ready for “Freshly Pressed”

I keep coming back, hoping.

Some mornings I’m holding my breath

in anticipation.

Usually, I leave disappointed.

I find stories about important things, to be sure.

Stories about Racism, Feminism, Rape, and Harassment, to name a few.

Often, horrible things.

Topics that indeed warrant discussion,


 Stories about illness,

physical sometimes, but seemingly more often mental.

Stories about loss,

Struggles. Open letters.

Tutorials on how to be a man or a mom. Memorials for recently passed celebrities.





I would welcome the addition of more warm prose!


“Feel good” verse strewn about the grid like the freckles

scattered across a red-headed kid’s nose

 The writing is always superb

The voice is most often eloquent

The subject matter – too frequently:

earnest, deep, somber, grave

 I do not mean to marginalize your cause

That is not my intent.

I seek a more balanced diet of ideas

I seek art without an agenda.

Sometimes, I just want to smile,

is that too much to ask?

Something to read that leaves me with a light in my eye,

A spring in my step.


I’m gonna climb down off my soapbox now

I’ve pulled on your coat enough here.


12 thoughts on “Not Quite Ready for “Freshly Pressed”

  1. I haven’t stopped by Freshly Pressed lately, but I’m surprised that you don’t see any humor posts featured. I’ve always found a balance between prose/poetry, fiction/nonfiction, writing and art to reflect the diversity of WordPress users. I hope they don’t lose that.


  2. All that stuff that you’re looking for? That’s why I read you. May not help you, the reader, much, but you the writer is most enjoyable. I haven’t checked out Freshly Pressed in almost a year, but I agree with what Cyn said; it used to be balanced and it would be sad if that has changed.

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    1. Maybe I’m just hitting it at the wrong times. I remember laughing when I was there – you’re right, it would be sad if it changed.
      And, thanks for saying nice things and reading my stuff. Good to have you stop by!


  3. I haven’t checked FP in a while. Last year I got that badge for an essay I wrote about my hometown in India. On other blog, I got it for a story I wrote on online relationship. I do remember it being fun and insightful. Now that you have mentioned it, I’d like to visit it again. Thanks for the reminder.
    As always, great post.

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  4. Right there with you…
    It seems that this week was even more somber and intense than usual. I included a gratuitous puppy photo on my post today because it made me smile and I felt like we all needed one after a week of heavy. Good to know I’m not alone 🙂

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  5. Well put Tnkerr. I’m not too sure about FP because I haven’t read it lately, but I think this principle needs to be applied to life in a general sense!! Thanks for writing that 🙂

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  6. You know… I noticed this too the other day. I try to visit once a week for inspiration and sometimes, yes, a really good laughable post. But it had been sort of somber, hasn’t it? I was on FP not for my writing, but for my creative use of Breaking Bad memes. lol Oh well.

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  7. It’s been a while since I scanned FP, but I remember being a lot of the fiction/poetry featured being usually forgettable and mediocre, but still better than most of the fic/poetry on WordPress.

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