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07 December 2014 – Writer’s Guild: Wading in Through the Bubbles

07 December 2014

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Yesterday’s adventure with the Book Bandits.

The prompts were:

  1. Wading in through the bubbles
  2. It’s all about the silence
  3. Melinda was a poet

Begin Writing
Melinda was a poet who wrote nothing down. She was amazing and publishers competed to print her books of blank pages.

Totally Alternative!

Melinda felt strongly that art should be interpreted not by the artist but by the readers. She tried her hand at acting but there was already an abundance of mimes.  She experimented with film but no one wanted silent movies anymore.  That medium had already been exhausted. Music had seemed promising but ultimately didn’t work either, because the radio stations didn’t like to broadcast silence… But books!

Well, books were the thing for Melinda. She first self published her silent novel but it was too large for a debut piece. Nine-hundred forty-seven pages of hard bound blank sheets necessitated a big investment from the reader, especially for work by an unknown author.  At least that was what her marketing senses told her. She decided that she should print a collection of her poetry.  She interspersed her verse with a few short stories, to serve as variety and published one hundred and seventeen blank pages.  She allowed her friends to talk her into an ecru cover on that one and the critics loved it.

People would purchase her silent book and use their own pens, pencils, crayons, charcoal, pastels or paints to interpret what she hadn’t written down or put on the pages herself. The book immediately screamed to number seven on the New York Times Bestseller List and Melinda quickly brought out another volume of just verse.  One hundred and fifty pages, college ruled and spiral bound.  It sold millions of copies the very first day and reprints are still flying off the shelves.

Melinda doesn’t write silent poetry anymore. She lives off the royalties generated from the works she didn’t write in the first place. Reprinting the short volumes keeps her well paid and Random House is rumored to be discussing a re-release of her debut novel.  Some believe that readers will now be willing to make that initial investment. Melinda is, after all, now well known.  Oprah has hinted that she is willing to endorse it which is a guarantee of success.

Melinda is a poet – A poet who writes silence.
Time is up. Put down your writing implements and step away from the paper.

3 thoughts on “07 December 2014 – Writer’s Guild: Wading in Through the Bubbles

  1. Well done, Melinda! I quite like the idea of Nine-hundred forty-seven pages of hard bound blank sheets, I must say. Although John Cage beat her to the silent music 😉


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