Engine Order Telegraph #197


In the Engine Room, I was Duty Engineer.
Makin’ turns ahead for
One rev per Day.
Been makin’ that speed, since we got underway.
The EOT unexpectedly dinged.
Was the word from the bridge.
I don’t ask,
I shut ‘er down.

17 thoughts on “Engine Order Telegraph #197

  1. I liked your take on the prompt about the Telegram. STOP is such a common word in telegrams.


  2. I love this – both the subject and the way you structured it. The internal rhyme (day-underway) caught my attention and really helped me find the rhythm of the poem. Nicely done.


  3. My seagoing experience is limited to one Navy crew ship “cruise” from Honolulu to Long Beach, a stint of commercial fishing in the Pacific, and several months on Russian fishing vessels. And it all was long ago. The tone of your treatise above put me right back in the wheelhouse, looking out over the bow at the reason for the “All-Stop.” Thanks. I love those memories. And I love the fact I survived some harrowing experiences. I have posted only a couple of sea stories. It makes me want to do more. And I will wait to hear more from you. This little episode may interest you. https://humboldtbayhome.wordpress.com/2014/12/20/a-day-at-sea/

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    • We have a lot in common, I think. I have spent some time at sea in the past and even more coincidental… I took a quick look at your blog and saw your LeClerc. My dad wrote his master’s thesis on weaving and there was always a big Hammett floor loom in the living room. I spent a good part of my childhood warping looms. Good to meet you.


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