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Rattle Snakes or Whiskey – You Decide


Diamond Jack had his hideout next to the Rattle Snake River. It kept the posses away.

Law enforcement personnel, round these parts, were not known for mental acuity so there were a couple of advantages. First, the name – no deputy wants to encounter a river full of rattlers. Second, was that the Rattle Snake River wound through Huisache County. The sheriff wasn’t much of a writer. His spelling was atrocious, and he damn sure couldn’t spell Huisache. Which he would be required to do when filling out the arrest report.

No… when the posse was chasing Jack they would get to the fork in the trail and then head north to the Whiskey River, in Lee County. It was more fun there and it would make the paperwork easier if they ever caught him.

Jack was no fool though; he stayed away from Lee County.

 I found some folks whose writing I admire posting here. I hope it’s OK for me to crash the party.

Photo by Barbara W. Beacham