Fools Lake


Dropping her line into Fool’s Lake, she patiently waited for something to bite.

foolslake Beneath her, the barbed hook, with its accompanying cube of cheese, had not gone unnoticed by the denizens of the lake, who clustered below the calm surface of the water watching the lure float unnaturally, at a constant depth of about two fathoms.

The old catfish swam up to see what all the brouhaha was about.

“What kinda fool would try to hook a fish with this?” he asked. “We all know that cheese sinks to the bottom. You, Perch take a peek and let me know what this dummy looks like. I’ll bet he’s wearing a hat!”

They came back and reported, “Yeah there’s a hat awright; but it’s a she, not a he.”

“Harrumph,” said the old catfish. “I’d a-thought a she would-a had more sense. Don’t really matter though, the only bites she’ll be getting’ today’ll be from the skeeters.”

5 thoughts on “Fools Lake

  1. Sounds like the old catfish is king of the lake, and all the other fish defer to him 🙂
    When I was little I remember people telling me about baiting a hook with cheese. Maybe we were all too squeamish to use worms!

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  2. Well done! I love the perspective of the fish! Thank you for participating in this week’s MFtS challenge! I hope that you will join in again next week! Be well… ^..^


  3. I really like this take on the prompt. To have it from the catfish’s viewpoint is excellent – and different. Wily fellow, indeed, that catfish. Well written 🙂

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