Next Time – Rhino Horn

Annie pushed the half full plate of shellfish towards her new friend, “Go on baby, have the rest.” She’d heard about the effect these bivalve mollusks had on men; and she was eager to confirm it tonight.

“Thanks, never had these before,” he wiped his itchy, watery eyes and picked up another oyster. As he sluiced it down; another bright red wheal appeared on his neck.

5 thoughts on “Next Time – Rhino Horn

  1. Have you seen the Mr. Bean episode where he partakes of some “off” oysters? Blech! Anyway, I love the word choice in this microfiction, T.N., especially “wheal” and “sluiced.” You’ve conveyed a lot by showing and not throttling us with how each feels toward the other simply in the actions and dialogue. Bravo! And I hope he doesn’t try the rhino horn, if only to keep those rare creatures alive (not to mention has another bad reaction).

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