Yer Great-Uncle Coop


“Little did they know when the photographer took their picture that they would find themselves trapped in a painting.”

“The photo’s here at the back o’ the painting. But there they was, walking by the river; makin’ music the way that only they could make music. O’course this ‘uns my Uncle Cooper. He’s your Great-Uncle Cooper.

“These two are Harry and Junior but I don’ recollect the name o’ the guy with the bow tie.

“Uncle Coop tole me his name onest; but I don’t recollect…

“Story goes that he was killed playin’ poker on one o’them river boats, like you see in the pitcher there. They hadda get somebody new to carry the bass part.

“That’s when Uncle Coop met Aunt Ann. Course her name was really Anaïs. She was from France, and she played the Stand-Up Bass. That put the kibosh on the whole strolling musicians thing but they got a lotta gigs on the river boats.

Damn, that’s a old photograph…

Wonder who took it?

uncle coopImage: Barbara W Beacham

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