Time Pooled Around My Feet

I wrote this today for the Book Bandits. I’m not sure what it is but I kind of liked it.
I had 15 minutes to write and the prompt was:

  • Time pooled around my feet.

I waited until we were alone and then…
I did it –
I asked her.

I could tell that she wasn’t expecting it
she was surprised.
Her eyes widened and
her jaw went slack as she considered the enormity
of what I had asked.

Four simple words that I had so cavalierly tossed out,
in her direction.
Four simple words with the power to change my life.
To change her life.

I tried to pretend that her answer didn’t really matter to me. I couldn’t do it and,
I watched with trepidation as she groped for what she wanted to say.
Time pooled around my feet and stood still.
I waited as she considered – anticipation consuming me.
A rainbow of emotions swirled around our heads

– Kaleidoscopic –

She reached for her glass.
It was empty.
She sat it back down.

Time suddenly kicked into high gear;
Put on running shoes.
The puddles I was standing in grew deeper.
She smiled and raised her hands to her cheeks
her eyes lit up.
Looking at her was suddenly like looking at the sun and I knew what she was going to say!
“Of course” she replied.
We both pulled off our shoes and splashed around.
Why not?

We had the time.

11 thoughts on “Time Pooled Around My Feet

  1. Time suddenly kicked into high gear;
    Put on running shoes.

    I love this transition from time standing still to sudden acceleration. You beautifully described a breathless moment we’ve all experienced in some way 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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