What Kinda Club Was That?

“If your mother saw you today, she’d roll over in her grave. She didn’t raise you to be a fanatic.”

“I’m not a fanatic. I’m an activist.”

“You’re a fanatic.”

“I’m a visionary.”

“You’re a fanatic, a zealot.”

“I’m an enthusiast.”

“You’re a fanatic.”

“Dad, I just joined a club.”

“Like those Manson kids just joined a club?”

“Not the same thing, Dad. You know that.”



6 thoughts on “What Kinda Club Was That?

  1. Let me guess . . . the KISS Army?! 🙂 But seriously, a great bit of story conveyed solely through dialogue, T.N. As others said, quite authentic of a parent-teen (or even young adult) interaction. Best wishes on the voting!

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