Jim Smiley and His Kissin’ Frog


When it came to a challenge, Jim Smiley just had to jump right in! Today was no exception.

Smiley entered The Gold Nugget Saloon, called for whiskey, and sat at the bar. He pulled Dan’l from his saddlebags, and sat him there too.

“Sorry cowboy,” said the barman, “no frogs on the bar.”

“This here ain’t no frog,” Jim said, “this here’s a prince. He just needs a kiss, that’s all. I needs to find someone to kiss ‘im.” Smiley eyed his bottle.

Silky Sally was working the bar. She volunteered, “I’ll kiss ‘im,” she said, “I kiss a lotta frogs… Never found no prince though.”

She laid a peck on Dan’l.

Nothin’ happened.

“He ain’t no prince,” Sally lamented.

Romeo was working the bar that evening too, “Lemme try!” he said. “Maybe he jist don’t like girls.”

There was a flash and when the smoke cleared a handsome prince was, lockin’ lips with Romeo. They got married, moved to Houston and settled down.


Barbara W. Beacham - 2015
Barbara W. Beacham – 2015


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