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Talking to Strangers – A Primer

Strangers: The Prompt


Never discuss politics or religion with anyone you want to remain friends with.
Discuss these things only with strangers.
Only with the people you meet in public places like airports or coffee shops.
You don’t care what they think – they’re strangers.
You’ll never see them again anyway.

Lie to them, if you want.
Make up stories.
Entertain yourself. Pick your nose.
Or, open up with the truth. Spill your guts.
Maybe they have the answers you seek. You never know.

Ask them for free stuff.
“Are you going to eat that?”
“Wow, those are really nice. Can I have one?”
“Maybe one for my kid too?”
“Can you spare a couple of bucks to help me get to Omaha?”

Or you can treat them respectfully. Ask for nothing except a bit of their time.
Honor their ideas and listen to their opinions.
Share a joke or two, but not about religion or politics – knock, knock jokes are good.
But, take what they say with a grain of salt until you get to know them better.
Remember always that, until they become friends – they are strangers,
They might just be messing with you.

4 thoughts on “Talking to Strangers – A Primer

  1. Garry and I were talking about when we used to “do bits” … All kinds of stuff to make the public crazy. it was fun. I would still do it, but there ARE no strangers in this town. Everyone knows you.

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    1. My town in NM has a population of just over 800 folks. A lot of those are in jail so the rest of us at least know who one another are. I understand your situation completely.


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