The Designer’s Touch


Mondays Finish the Story

The neighbors were not happy about my choice of yard art.

They didn’t mind the statues

Or the rusting bed springs and such

I think what really irked them

Were the appliances on the lawn


It started with the washer

I kept by the front door

When it finally died I kicked it from the portico to the grass

It covered up the weeds so I let it lie

Now there’s toasters, ‘frigerators, and TV sets,

Water heaters, a mangle or two,

Ovens, microwaves, sewing machines, three or four TV antennas (the kind that’s sposed to go on the roof)

A whole pile of hairdryers…

Uncle Johnny tried to scrap his pickup here but I made him take it back. I didn’t think it fit with the theme I had going. He tried to argue with me but I held my ground.

There’s just no accounting for taste.





18 thoughts on “The Designer’s Touch

  1. Love the fact that the pickup truck would ruin the work of art featuring, I think, non-working parts of “convenience” appliances.
    Great description — I actually know a yard like that and you have captured it perfectly.

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  2. I live in the country. This rubble yard art is a popular style. I personally am not enthusiastic about it, but I do have an ancient rusty tractor that I love and bought on purpose to turn it into garden art. Go figure.

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