Photo Challenge; Early Bird

Photo Challenge; Early Bird

For this week’s photo challenge, get up early and explore the morning light.


Nikon CoolPix, f/10, 1/106 sec, ISO-64
New Mexico Winter Morning




Picture Prompt #6



Alone in a Crowd
Image courtesy of The Daily Prompt Alternative

Liz sat on the steps and watched the people around her.
They didn’t get too close but then again, they couldn’t.
The doctor’s didn’t have a name for it.
There was no cure.
It was a hereditary condition.
Her uncle Marvin had it too.

 Hers was bad, with the isolation and lack of human contact.
She had never been hugged – she was unemployable.
But at least she had been able to go to school.
In fact her condition had dictated private, uncrowded schools.
She was very well educated.

 Uncle Marvin had it worse though.

His was more obvious
And, he had to put up with the snow!

Image courtesy of The Daily Prompt Alternative