Picture Prompt #12: Art & Plastic Surgery

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Lawrence Gibson, the lawyer for the plaintiff, stood and cleared his throat, “Your honor, my client is seeking damages from the defendant. We are seeking $120,000 reimbursement of the fees paid, in good faith, by my client. In addition, we are seeking $999,880,000 in punitive damages for pain and suffering caused. Pain and suffering caused by the defendant who was, egregiously negligent and cavalier in his treatment of my client. Said damages are being sought as a result of botched cosmetic surgery in the defendant’s art and plastic surgery clinic on the 17th of January, earlier this year.”

Counsel for the defense rose, straightened her skirt, and addressed the court. “Your honor, my client would like to file for dismissal of all charges. It is the contention of the defense that this case is frivolous and without merit. The plaintiff came to my client for a face lift and breast reduction surgery. Both of which she received, as contracted.”

Lawyer Gibson rose again, “Judge,” he said in a confidential tone, “My client admits she should have better researched Doctor Picasso. Both his studio work and his clinical work, but the defendant had great reviews on line. My client was a good looking woman who, in her vanity, only wanted to be a better looking woman. After the surgery, she complained to Dr. Picasso and his office staff. Unfortunately, on the day she filed her complaint only the gallery staff was working. As you know, your honor, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Dr. Picasso’s staff continually expressed their belief that she was indeed more beautiful than she had been pre-procedure. I should mention, at this point that the doctor’s staff are all cubists.”

Counsel for the defense remained seated this time when she spoke to the court. She shrugged her shoulders and held both hands, palms up, in front of her, “Your honor, this is my client’s point exactly. Beauty is subjective and he contends that the plaintiff is even more beautiful today than she had been before trusting him with her treatment.”

Lawrence Gibson , “Your honor, I would like to enter this photograph of my client taken yesterday. We seek your honest opinion and ask that if you truly find her more beautiful you award this case to the defendant. However, if you find the results of the procedure to tend more towards the hideous, then we ask that you award the case to my client.” He approached the bench with a brown envelope in his hand, “I would like to enter this ‘post op’ photograph of my client, as Exhibit 1.”

The judge opened the envelope and stared at the photograph for a minute or two. He pounded his gavel on the table top, in front of him, “This court rules in favor of the plaintiff.” He held up the photograph to show the gallery.


1960 Pablo Picasso (Spanish artist, 1881–1973) Portrait of a Sitting Woma
1960 Pablo Picasso, Spanish artist, (1881–1973) Portrait of a Sitting Woman



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