I Got Plenty of Nut’in


“Hey Rita,” Jimmy said, “wanna go downtown?”

“And do what?”

“I dunno, nuthin, I guess.”

“Nothing doing!” Rita answered, “I’m not going to go downtown to do nothing. I can do nothing here.”

“Cool, can I do nuthin with you?”

“Sure man. Have a seat.”

Jimmy sat down at the table with Rita but soon began to fidget, “Wanna sammich Rita?” he asked.

“No because then we’d be eating. We’d be doing something. We’re supposed to be doing nothing.”

He nodded his head, “Yeah, right; but how long we gonna sit here doin’ nuthin?” he asked.

“Well, see – that’s the problem; isn’t it?” Rita replied, “It’s not easy to do nothing because you’re never sure when you’re done. Usually you just get interrupted.”

They just sat, doing nothing till the kitchen door opened and Rita’s mom breezed in, a bundle of energy. “Hey kids,” Mom said. “Jimmy, how ‘ya been? I haven’t seen you for a while. How’re your folks?”

“They’re good. Thanks, Ms. Selcheck.”

“Make sure you tell them I said hello.”

“Yes ma’am – will do.” Jimmy pursed his lips and looked up at the ceiling and then at the prints on the wall.

“What’re you guys up to?” Mom asked in an effort to get some conversation going. She had the uncomfortable feeling that she had interrupted something.

“Nothing, Mom,” Rita volunteered. “We’re doing nothing.”

Mom whistled low and offered her observation, “and, they say that nothing is impossible. But you kids do it all the time. I guess the world is your oyster, huh?”

Rita stood up suddenly, “Damn it Mom! Can’t you see we’re busy here?” She grabbed Jimmy’s hand and pulled him out of his chair. “Come on Jimmy, let’s go downtown.”


12 thoughts on “I Got Plenty of Nut’in

      • it didn’t work so I took it down. If you don’t mind I’ll work on it some more and get it going!


      • I finally figured out what you want to do is similar to what you do with the Mutant logo when you reply to those prompts…yes? Mind if I build an image for you and others to use? I will post it on the About page (still fascinated how the truncated message was different, but maybe it doesn’t alter from original if you change it…?)

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      • Dry run done. Did I use the right image? I’ll test it on the next couple of prompts I do and we can keep an eye on it!


      • Looks like it works! I think this what you were looking for. Did you use the larger one or the smaller (just curious. it doesn’t matter which except for resolution)… btw…you see my email?

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